What are the most beautiful places in Qatar?


Well, Qatar is rich in culture and beauty, offering the visitors the world’s famous culture and beauty. Here, there is a list of some famous and beautiful places.

My friend who work in summer season and have New Braunfels Seafood Restaurant.He loves travelling and was telling me that Katara mosque is very unique in the whole Qatar with mosaic  of blue tiles with some blend of red and yellow. The interior of the mosque is just fantastic along with its marvelous exterior. Its tall pillars and beautiful mosaic walls make it worth seeing.

Secondly, Al-Zubarah Fortress is very fascinating and you can reach here on the back of camel. When you stand under this fortress, then you will feel that you are connected with the history of this beautiful fortress. Here, exhibitions of the site are also held. It is just a perfect place to visit for those who are history lovers.

The next place to visit in Qatar is Al Wakra Museum, a place which has the best architecture. It contains a huge collection of articrafts and details of history of Qatar. Moreover, it is also rich in beauty which can be seen through its exterior before going to see its interior.

In addition to it, Barzan Towers with the most beautiful and stunning architecture are worth seeing but their real beauty can be seen from the top. You can find here the beauty spread around the towers along with its own beauty. You should surely take camera with you to have a wonderful photography.

Furthermore, Doha Fort was built in 1927 and it was converted into museum and now it has become a place of exhibitions including wooden ornaments, oil paintings and old photographs. It also depicts the history, culture and life style of Qatar.

Well, Qatar is just outstanding, you must visit it and specially the above mentioned places are worth seeing.

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