What are the main tourists attractions in Romania?


Well, Romania is very famous for its old towns, mountain resorts, where you can find a chance of great skiing and artworks make it the perfect place to visit. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best places.                          

Danube Delta situated in Romania is the second largest river delta in Europe and a darling place to observe the nature as i was told by my friend new braunfels real estate agents. You just take a slow boat ride and find a chance to see the beautiful scene of sunset. Moreover,you can see here the unique species of plants and animals. 

Secondly, Mammalia is the most popular resort of Romania which is situated on the Black sea. Although, it is a small resort but it has great white sand beaches having the activities on seaside make it fit for visit.        

In addition to it, Sinai is a mountain resort town which is found around a monastery and it has a copy of the first Bible which was printed in Romania and now it has become a famous site for visitors to visit.The most favorite activity here is hiking in summer and skiing in winter.This site is also famous for Pele’s castle,built by king Charles,which is just near to this place.                                                    

Well,the most interesting attractions of Romania are the painted monasteries of Bucovina which are found in the southeastern part of this country.Here,the exterior walls have paintings of saints and other scenes showing heaven and hell along with the images of angles.So,these best preserved monasteries are worth seeing.                                             

Brasov located in the central Romania is the combination of modern city life and beautiful old scenery.This city is taken as a mountain resort due to presence of mountains around it.Here,you can find a chance of ice skating and skiing.  Well,Romania is full of the charming places,which you must visit.