What are the top things which can be done by visitors in Lublin, Poland?


While talking about Lublin,it is the capital of Poland having nickname as Lublin Renaissance is rich in culture.There are many things which can be done by visitors and some of them are listed here.    

My friend who lived in Poland last week we met together at a meeting at Vending companies New York City where i asked a lot of things about this Poland. He told me that the first thing you must do here is to explore the Lublin castle,which was constructed in 14th century originally and it was rebuilt in 19th century.It is the best place to visit for history lovers who want to explore its history due to its admirable architecture and ancient weapons  along with Lublin museum found in this castle.So,it is the oldest royal residential  place in Poland.

The second thing which you should do here is to admire Lublin cathedral,which was devoted as the place of worship for the Jesuits.This cathedral is also famous for Black Madonna,which is known to have shed tears in 1945 making it the symbol of faith.        

Furthermore,you must spend your time by wandering the Historical Museum of Lublin to admire the local history and culture.Here, you will come to know about the history through photographs and the documents found in this museum.                                          

In addition to it,history lovers will enjoy a visit to the Old Town Hall of Lublin,which is the symbol of the greatest architectural work and design.So it is the best place to visit for visitors who are interested in classical architectural work.                                            

So,in Lublin you can never be felt bore if you are a history lover and it must be your first choice to explore the history.