How To Write Great Articles


You will find four elements that you have to be conscious of when writing articles, namely the writing method, the structure of the article, the internal structure of each and every paragraph, along with the use of keywords and connectors.

The writing process really generally comprises three steps, including brainstorming, writing, and editing. Within the brainstorming stage, you have to gather your thoughts related to a specific subject. You write the outline of your article and jot down keywords for every paragraph. Then, you begin to develop the body of each paragraph in the writing stage (we will go back to this point later). Lastly, you proofread and edit the article by correcting any misspellings, typo, as well as rearranging ideas within or between paragraphs in a logical fashion.

The framework of an article usually includes an introduction, body of the article, and a conclusion or a summary. Usually the very first paragraph is the introduction to the article. You must introduce the main ideas or present your standpoint on a particular subject. This enables to draw your readers’ attention to the contents that you need to emphasize. The last paragraph typically is a conclusion or summary of the entire article. In the summary, you reiterate what has been said or draw a conclusion of the arguments that you’ve given. By no means introduce new suggestions in the conclusion. If you still have new ideas, develop a brand new paragraph before writing up your conclusion. Some people could find it much more effective to write the introductory paragraph and conclusion after they write up the body of the article because they’ve already identified what must be included in these paragraphs.

The paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion would be the body of the article. You elaborate one main concept in each paragraph. Employing a topic sentence in the beginning of the paragraph is a good start. The topic sentence informs the readers the general idea of the paragraph that they’re going to read. Immediately after the topic sentence, you give supporting details and examples of the primary concept of that paragraph. At the end of the paragraph, write a summary sentence to refresh the memory of what the readers have previously read. Writing a connecting sentence to relate the paragraph to the following paragraph is another option to increase the cohesiveness of the article.

To further improve the coherence of the article, you’ll want to repeatedly use keywords throughout the paragraphs and utilize several connectors to link suggestions in a reasonable fashion. As an example, use the connectives “because” and “since” to indicate causal relationship between two ideas; “In addition” and “moreover” to indicate elements take place in a sequence; as well as “but” and “although” to convey contrary meanings of two ideas.

In summary, a superb article generally possesses three qualities: unity, development, and coherence. To attain these qualities, your article really should generally incorporate an introduction along with a conclusion or summary. Furthermore, you have to give supporting details and examples inside the body of the article. Throughout the paragraphs, you need to use topic sentences, arrange ideas within and between paragraphs in a logical fashion, repeat key words and concepts, as well as use connectors to link up ideas.

You can add sparkle to your writing and develop your vocabulary by learning interesting words and phrases, some useful words and phrases are “disconcerting” and even “ebb and flow“. Extending your vocabulary is undoubtedly crucial in the event that you decide to be a competent writer.

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